Rotary at Work!!

Posted on Mar 26, 2020
Rio Rancho Sunrise Rotary giving back.
Rotarian Lee Butler initiated a Rotary Sunrise Club response to our local healthcare workers by purchasing 288 Hershey chocolate bars that Rotarian Susan Fox will deliver in this time of need.
Susan with Megan from Lovelace Westside.
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Nursing Scholarship Awardee

Posted on Feb 12, 2020
Nursing Scholarship Awardee Marilena Knapp.
Pictured are Rotarian Rick Akins, Susan Fox, Award Winner Marlina Knapp and Rotary Club President Richard Bruce.
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DeGroot - Akins Scholarship Banquet is a Success!

Posted on Jan 25, 2020
The 2020 DeGroot - Akins Nursing Scholarship Banquet is in the books!  
Each member of our club contributed something to this year's gala.  Our silent auction items were big hits!  Many of our donors brought something home.
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