Our guest speaker on 5/23/18 was Pat Quick with Folds of Honor
Pat Quick from Folds of Honor was our guest speaker on May 23rd.  Pat is the director of the New Mexico office.  Folds of Honor provides scholarships to families of fallen service members - a group that receives very little from the Veteran's Administration.  They award scholarships for higher education as well as a children's fund for dependent(s) enrolled in grades K-12.
Pat Quick with President Kelly Wainwright 
On October 20th, there will be a dinner at the new Santa Ana hotel.  They also hold golfing events and other activities to raise funds.  Pat also mentioned that 96% of the funds raised go directly to those scholarships.  
For more information, please visit the website foldofhonor.org or email contact@foldsofhonor.org.