The March Student and Teacher of the month are from Lincoln Middle School.  
On March 7th the Rio Rancho Rotary Sunrise club awarded Ms Kiberly Platero our teacher of the month award.  According to the Principal, Veronica Sanders, Ms Platero is one of her best teachers - going above and beyond for her students every day.  One example of her "service above self" is when a student other teachers thought of as "difficult" was being changed to a new schedule.  Ms. Platero was upse t about this move because she really felt she was reaching him!  The student of the month, Shonel Nelson, is a unique student - always on top of her studies but also very kind and helpful to others.  Ms. Platero described her as a "one of a kind" student who makes it a joy to teach every day.  
President Kelly Wainright, Ms Sanders, Ms Platero, Shonel Nelson and Administrative Chair Richard Bruce.   The photo below, Shonel's Dad, Sister, and Mom joined the picture.
The recipients receive a plaque as well as a cash reward for their hard work!  Congratulations!!!