District Governor Dave Anderson stopped by our club on July 29th.  As is our new tradition, the club was decked out in our best Luau digs!  We presented Dave with a great hat to add to his collection of Governor gifts.  
He discussed the Rotary International theme, "Rotary Serving Humanity", and challenged us to develop projects to take advantage of the work we all have done to build up the Rotary Foundation so the district can award matching grants.  There is money out there, we just have to find the right project and apply for it.
He emphasized membership, reminding all 0f us that we became Rotarians because someone invited us!  Membership should be one of our highest priorities.
Governor Dave also congratulated the club on our 100% Paul Harris Fellow status.  Only six clubs in the district have accomplished this milestone!  It shows our commitment to keep Rotary financially strong.