Posted on Feb 13, 2019
Our Feb 13th meeting was a busy one!  Rio Rancho Policy Chief Steele and our Student/Teacher of the month from Stapleton Elementary were all here today!
Chief Steele (pictured below with President Doug) gave us a great update on the great things happening in our police department.  Some highlights included new equipment and his meetings with each department employee to gain insight on what is working and what isn't in our police department.  The citizen's police academy and explorer programs are two ways the department is connecting with the great citizens of Rio Rancho.
In a rare "double-header" we were also honored to have Stapleton Elementary School with us today.  Principal Clark is pictured below with teacher Crystal Silva and student Isaiah Galbraith.  Doug Brannom and Richard Bruce are also pictured.  The bottom picture includes the families of our awardees.