Current List of Speakers and Rotarian of the Day.
Meeting Date        Speaker and  Topic                                                                              Rotarian of the Day
5/17/2017 Christin Moreland (beWellnm)     Don Rogers
5/24/2017 Jeanie Springer (Unser Gateway Coalition)   Lee Butler
5/31/2017 Dr. Marcos Burgos (Infectious Disease Specialist - Affilated w/VA Hospital)Deborah Gullo
6/7/2017 Dave Heil (Schumann Foundation)    Kathleen Cates
6/14/2017 Brandon Schufft (Rotary & Social Media)    Rick Akins 
6/21/2017 Don Rogers (Medicare) or Installation Dinner?   Edward Cole
6/28/2017 Don Rogers (Medicare) or Installation Dinner?   Susan Fox